Luke makes an effort to own some of his favorite equipment so that he can offer the very best to all of his clients.  His packages are customized to his specifications and maintained to eliminate technical snafus on set.  As the owner, he can ensure that any personal equipment rentals result in a mutually beneficial arrangement both creatively and budgetarily.  Naturally, he is always open to renting from outside sources.  The following is a brief overview of what he has to offer.

  • 2 Arri Amiras, Red 6K Magnesium Weapon, Mavic 2 drone
  • Several compact zoom lenses and CNE art prime lens set
  • 2 Ton lighting package with HMI, Kinos, tungsten, LEDs, etc. as well as compact docmentary packages
  • 2 Ton grip package including jib arm, slider, stands, rags, hardware, rolling carts, etc.


  • Spoiler Alert Radio - A comprehensive interview with Luke Geissbühler on his projects and approach to filmmaking.
  • OKGo - The making of the most difficult Steadicam shot you'll ever see. 
  • Tribeca Panel - DPs, Luke Geissbühler, Nick Bentgen, Zachary Heinzerling, and Ben Kutchins discuss the state of modern cinematography.
  • Steelcase 100 Minds - Luke joins Deepak Chopra, John Hockenberry, Jamie Dimon and many others for 100 visions of the future.
  • TEDx Talk - Luke Geissbühler's talk on project based learning.
  • Buck - Homepage for the documentary on the fascinating real life horse whisperer.
  • Helvetica - Homepage of the design documentary series on type, object design and urban planning.