Oscar-nominated Luke Geissbühler has always been motivated by projects of cultural significance. His higher profile achievements include Borat 1 & 2, Fahrenheit 11/9, Helvetica, Buck, and Netflix's Abstract-The Art of Design.  He earned a BFA in cinematography from NYU and persued mechanical engineering, designing sucessful electric vehicles and film camera modifications.  In 2010, Luke became unexpectedly world-renowned when he built a homemade spacecraft that captured breathtaking footage of the blackness of space and curvature of the Earth as seen in the viral video Space Baloon.  As a director of photography, he has travelled the world over orchestrating challenging and unique films for Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Moore, Joe Berlinger, OKGo, Doug Liman, Barry Levinson, David Wain, and Katherine Bigelow.  He has been entrusted by HBO, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Sony, PBS, Amazon, Warner Brothers, and countless others. Having worked consistently throughout the pandemic, Luke founded Microcrews, a think tank consortium of highly skilled filmmakers specializing in covid-safe sets and compact crews.  His recent releases include Netflix's Dahmer - Conversations with a Killer and the Emmy-winning Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street.

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Select Features

  • BORAT, SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM - Director Jason Woliner, Amazon Prime, Golden Globe winner
  • FOLLOW HER - Director Sylvia Caminer, Producer Dani Barker
  • TIME FREAK - Director Andrew Bowler - starring Sophie Turner, Asa Butterfied, Skyler Gisondo
  • MATCH - Director Stephen Belber - starring Patrick Stewart, Matthew Lillard, Carla Gugino
  • STUCK - Director Michael Berry - starring Giancarlo Esposito, Amy Madigan, Ashanti
  • BORAT - Director Larry Charles - 20th Century Fox starring Sacha Baron Cohen
  • CHLOE AND THEO - Director Ezna Sands - starring Dakota Johnson, Mira Sorvino
  • BAD JOHNSON - Director Huck Botko - starring Nick Thune, Cam Gigandet, Jamie Chung
  • BREAKING BROOKLYN - Director Paul Becker - starring Louis Gosset Jr. and Vondie Curtis-Hall
  • THE VIRGINITY HIT - Directors Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland - Sony - Producers Adam McKay, Will Ferrell
  • SUN BELT EXPRESS - Director Evan Buxbaum, starring Tate Donovan, Stephen Lang, Rachael Harris
  • MAIL ORDER WIFE - Directors Huck Botko, Andrew Gurland - Producer Doug Liman
  • THE SPEED OF THOUGHT - Director Evan Oppenheimer starring Mia Maestro, Nick Stahl
  • ACTS OF WORSHIP - Director Rosemary Rodriguez - starring Ana Reeder, Michael Hyatt

Select Documentaries

  • FAHRENHEIT 11/9  Director Michael Moore, Midwestern Films
  • STREET GANG - HBO and Focus Features, Director Marilyn Agrelo, Emmy Winner Best Documentary
  • THE KEEPER OF TIME  Director Michael Culyba, Tourbillon Films
  • LEGO, A BRICKUMENTARY  Director Daniel Junge - starring Jason Bateman
  • BUCK - Director Cindy Meehl, IFC Films - Sundance Audience Choice Award 2011
  • HELVETICA - Director Gary Hustwit - PBS/Independent Lens
  • URBANIZED - Director Gary Hustwit - Produced by Plexifilm
  • OBJECTIFIED - Director Gary Hustwit - PBS/Independent Lens
  • LOVE, ETC. - Director Jill Andresevic - Producer Chiemi Karasawa - Audience Choice Award Hamptons FF 2011

Select TV

  • WHO KILLED ROBERT WONE - Peacock - Director Jared Scott
  • DAHMER - CONVERSATIONS WITH A KILLER - Netflix -Director Joe Berlinger
  • ELVIS PRESLEY:  THE SEARCHER - HBO - Director Thom Zimny
  • SEARCH PARTY - HBO / JAX Media - Sarah-Violet Bliss, Michael Showalter
  • ABSTRACT:  THE ART OF DESIGN - Netflix / Radical Media - Director Richard Press
  • WHO IS AMERICA - Sacha Baron Cohen, Showtime
  • DRUNK HISTORY - Comedy Central - Produced by Owen Burke at Gary Sanchez
  • BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: IN HIS OWN WORDS - BBC - Director Nigel Cole / Thom Zimny
  • JIM GAFFIGAN:  CINCO INTRO FILM - Director Jeannie Gaffigan 
  • NEWSREADERS - Cartoon Network - Producers Jon Stern, David Wain, Rob Cordrey
  • MUPPETS, Letter to Santa - NBC / Disney - Director Kirk Thatcher
  • ALCHEMY - ABC - Director Evan Oppenheimer
  • BEARING WITNESS - A&E Director Barbara Kopple

Select Commercials

  • OKGO - RSM Furniture (China)
  • AUDI - Audi USA
  • US CELLULAR - Balls
  • CREST - 3D White
  • CHEERIOS - Gluten Free campaign
  • AMAZON - Kindle, Like a Book
  • VICTORIA'S SECRET - Cotton / Umbrella / Football
  • DOMINO'S - Frozen / Ride Along
  • CAPTAIN MORGAN Calling all Captains
  • VOLKSWAGON - Beetle Summer
  • HANNAFORD - Nutritionist